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What Makes You Gain Weight?

1. Insufficient physical exercise
Physical exercise is the most crucial idea that will be included in weight reduction program or one’s diet regimen. Appropriate exercise is essential if you want to drop off the excess flab and reach your desired body shape. You actually must sweat out the extra calories taken in. Exercise is the best means to rid yourself of unwanted calories. A cardio exercise that is good will be effective\

2. Insufficient sleep
Studies have shown that there is a connection between weight gain and duration of your sleep. Your body needs about 7-8 hours sleep. Less sleep increases your appetite and makes you feel hungry. Get your beauty sleep and avoid weight gain.

3. Stress
Tension is among the more important causes of unsuccessful weight loss. The standard defense mechanism of the body to deal with stress would be to eat comfort food. This may be the reason why one can easily gain the extra weight in a short span of time. When we are anxious we tend to eat more.

4. Over eating
We need to be aware of what goes in the mouth and into the body. A nutritious meal as well as a balanced diet have become significant. Quality of food consumption must not be undermined even when you are on a diet. Even when on a diet, the body still needs nutrition.

5. Inconsistency in diet
Eating nutritious food can be a problem in dieting and fat loss at the same time. Make sure you focus on the quality of your food. If you are eating less but consume a scoop of ice cream or a piece of a cake, it would make dieting useless. To get rid of extra pounds, being aware of what you eat and having discipline is important.

These are a few of the more important reasons why you may not lose weight in any way or cannot not get to the required weight. It’s not so important to have specoific body proportions but the emphasis should be on a healthier lifestyle.

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