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Weight-Loss Review Programs

Are you ready to lose weight? Do you want to learn the secrets to finally shed your excess body fat while keeping your hard earned muscle? With the best programs review, you can turn you body into a fat burning machine.

I’ve selected three programs that are clinically proven to help you lose weight. These programs teaches you all the aspects you need to know and follow to lose weight. These are easy-to-use tips and tricks that will turn your body into a fat burning machine

1. Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle by Tom Venuto

-This is a good product to help you with the task of losing weight. Tom uses guidelines to help you Lose Fat Permanently, Lose Fat Without Drugs and Lose Fat Without Supplements. You don’t need to buy more products when you have this product. Reading this book you’ll be trained how to think, exercise and eat correctly. For real results you have to action instructions outline in the book because it been written by Tom and he stated bodybuilding since 1983.

2. Top Secret Fat Loss by Dr. Suzanne

-Dr. Suzanne has different approach when it comes to helping you lose weight. She points out the factors that makes you gain weight except uncontrolled diets and Will Power, she says you’re fat because You Have Disgusting Plaque and Horrible Little ‘CRITTERS’ Living in Your Guts. Dr. Suzanne reveals a step-by-step detox dieting plan. This plan help you lose weight and helps maintaining a healthy life style.

3. Fat Burning Furnace by Poulos

-This book helps you to build lean muscles, as the tittle state “Fat Burning Furnace”. With this book you can meet the objectives of burning fat and building lean muscles. It includes a list of 51 fat burning foods as a guide of what to eat. With this book you’ll get the tone you need for your body combining exercises and nutrition advice prescribed in this book.

The above programs will give you all you need to perfect your goals of losing weight. These books are packed with advice and tips on how to eat, and what to eat, with detailed information on goa settings, strategies, motivation, and what supplements to use. Correctly eating and exercising can make you archive your goals.

Melt the fat! You have nothing to lose to try one of this programs but everything to gain. These programs are not one of this advertisements that are not proven. Unfortunately not all diets are scientifically tested and approved before they are presented to the public. Leading a full active life, and getting the right nutrition is an important step towards good health; those are the fundamentals.

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An exclusive zotrim review

Article by Jessicah Sam

Read our zotrim review before you decide to buy zotrim. Our zotrim review is based on reviews from zotrim customers, so make sure you read the entire article and we have more information on our main website on zotrim review.

What do you look for when purchasing weightloss products, out of many of them out there? Of course the first thing you have to do is look for a review on a specific product to see how people have reviewd it, whether it works or not.

Zotrim is not a new product in the weight loss market. It has been on the shelves for some time and there are plenty of products that claim that you can shade off those unwanted extra pounds in a few days or weeks. Really?

Zotrim is a clinically proven slimming supplement that is receiving increased media exposure and is receiving good and positive feedback from its customers. It is made from 100% natural ingredients and there are currently no known side effects from this weight loss product (according to the information on the manufacturer’s website and our research on its side effects), more of this can be found at our zotrim review website.

Zotrim is one of the most trusted brands to lose weight naturally and get back into the shape. No wonder that today, more than 10 million (and counting!) customers worldwide are being benefitted with this wonderful product. Backed by 8 successful trials and authentic scientific proof, this product is no-nonsense herbal pack and it has proven to reduce weight in many

To sum it up, a lot of people wants to lose weight and let me assure you that zotrim can help you reduce your waist size by 4.3 cm in less than 4 weeks and a lot of people have been successful from taking zotrim.

Are you seriously looking to lose weight and you have tried many weight loss products out there but none works? Then visit our blog to read more articles on zotrim and weight loss tips that really works. We have more information on our website on zotrim review

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Xyngular Review – all natural Energy

Article by Gregory Smith

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A Dietitian’s Review

by Lauren O’Connor, MS, RD

With Thanksgiving over (and over-stuffed bellies rumbling), there’s a lot of talk about “cleansing”. There are several over-the-counter products for liver detox and colon cleanses. But as a Dietitian who has been schooled in the many processes the body naturally undergoes to properly digest and eliminate our toxins, I’ve been a bit weary of “fast-and-easy” approaches to weight loss and toxin-release.

A 3-day cleanse? 10 day cleanse? Well I have to admit I’ve tried both. While I’m not convinced that it may replace any long-term health regimen. And certainly shouldn’t be done so frequent as to every time you’ve overindulged – the cleanse having become routine. I don’t see the harm in a short-term, whole-food based cleanse if can help replentish your energy and provide incentive for a healthier lifestyle (granted you are in general good health). 

The Master Cleanse is something you can concoct right from the cupboard of your own kitchen. Most of us have some Maple syrup; and in that spice cabinet I’m sure is a container of cayenne. And let’s face it; lemons add flavor and zest to many dishes so they pretty much are a staple as well. What I like is the author not only prepares you for the cleanse with simple raw-food diet, but also eases one off gradually and stressses the importance of a healthy-way to break the fast.

The beauty of this cleanse is that it actually tastes good and is so easy to mix up, whether making a glass on hand or preparing a container for the day. You drink it quite often throughout the day so there is no real ‘hunger’ issue. But you must be prepared for the detox. This means traveling is not much of an option. A restroom must always be close by and you may need the facility for quite some time – so I wouldn’t suggest going anywhere there is likely to be a cue. But if you are in good health and have the time and space to relax in your home, and meditate in your own way, perhaps you may give this one a try.

I can break down the benefits of each ingredient. Fortunately there are only 3, plus water of course:

Lemons: Lemons are a citrus fruit. They provide Vitamin C – good for overall immunity function. They contain more potassium that apples or grapes which is beneficial for heart-health. Though the taste is sour and acidic, lemons actually leaves alkaline residue in the body, thus helping to prevent acidosis. It checks excesses of bile, dislodges mucus phlegm and cleanses the mouth. Lemon juice is also powerful antibacterial. And as many are aware, they act as a diuretic, thus may help eliminate excess water from our system (responsible for puffiness and bloating).

Maple syrup: Though a sweetener like sugar, it is not an empty-calorie treat, as one would expect. In fact, maple syrup provides important minerals that our bodies can use. Both Zinc and the trace mineral Manganese are beneficial for our immune system. As a component of the antioxidant SOD, manganese works as a cofactor in antioxidant defense. It also helps to reduce inflammation – a factor in disharmony and disease. Studies have shown that with deficiencies of manganese, the levels of good cholesterol HDL have been reduced. Lessened immunity may be seen with zinc deficiency. Zinc restoration in the body can help return white cell numbers and immune response to healthy levels. Zinc also works as an antioxidant to prevent endothelial damage and progression of atherosclerosis.

Cayenne: Many have touted the thermogenic effect of spicy foods and ingredients to aid in weight loss. It has been said that they stimulate the metabolism to burn more calories. Probably so to some extent, but not to be taken so literally as these effects are actually quite minimal. However, cayenne has essential B and C vitamins important for the heart and immunity. Cayenne may help breaks up mucus and add warmth to the entire system. Capsicum (cayenne pepper) is said to create a powerful boost in circulation and increase heart action. It has been known for its energizing effects. Cayenne also helps with peristolic action in the intestines and aids in digestion and elimination.

And oh, the virtues of water. While I could go on, I’ll keep this one short and to the point. Water is cleansing and essential for our survival. It helps us digest our foods to maintain a balance of nutrients and eliminate toxins from our bodies. It is best to stay hydrated by nature’s pure source. For more information on the Master Cleanse: http://therawfoodsite.com/mastercleanse.htm

—Lauren O’Connor, MS, RD is a Registered Dietitian based in Los Angeles. She is owner/nutritional consultant of Nutri-Savvy;. Her blog: www.nutrisavvysblog.wordpress.com Her website: www.nutri-savvy.com

Nutri-Savvy is committed to guiding clients toward a healthier lifestyle. Lauren O’Connor, MS, RD is a Registered Dietitian who works with medical professionals when necessary to best suit a client’s needs. She doesn’t claim to diagnose, treat, cure or reverse medical conditions or pathologies. Nor does she accept responsibility for a client’s actions. Furthermore, a Dietitian’s services do not replace the need for medical attention from a licensed physician.  Please stay on top of your yearly check-ups and follow your doctor’s advice. If you have any medical ailments, conditions or are at risk for disease, a Dietitian can complement your medical regime by recommending and helping you achieve the type of diet and appropriate activity(ies) to best suit your specific health concerns/needs. 

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